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As an author, I'm a late bloomer. It wasn't until my responsibilities eased up that I decided to put together a cookbook as a wedding gift to my oldest child. I collected old photos, wrote captions, and then started to relate family stories. My "gift" ended up as a 250 page, spiral-bound cookbook photocopied 50 times to hand out to all my relatives and friends. (No such thing as apps back then.)

From that time on, I've done my best to pass on information intended to make life easier for others. My nautical books, THE PERFECT FIRST MATE and KITCHEN AFLOAT, are loaded with practical info as well as hard facts. Watch for my newest boating book, THE SMART GUIDE TO CRUISING late spring 2014.

I've never stopped developing and writing down recipes, so it made sense to share them in my EMPTY NEST COOKBOOK. And, after surviving three clustered weddings, I just had to pass helpful planning info to other mothers with OH, NO, THEY'RE ENGAGED!

My true love, however is fiction-writing. My romantic suspense, GREEN FIRE was released early 2013. I am overhauling a paranormal romance, finishing up another romantic suspense, and plotting a single title contemporary romance.

In the meantime, I've been busy writing stories for my grandchildren. "juvenile fiction," I believe it's called. I am thrilled to announce SEAGULLS DON'T EAT WORMS just hit the press. I hope you will enjoy sharing it with your little ones ages three to eight.

I would love to hear from you!

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A baby wren befriends a cranky seagull

Seagulls Don’t Eat Worms uses children’s love of animals to show them the benefits of sharing, cooperating, and trying new things. Written from a bird's perspective, this charming story teaches that friendship is found in the least likely places.

In it, a nestling wren who wants to soar high in the sky, like the big birds, tumbles into the lair of a cranky seagull protecting his catch. The pair find out they have much in common. Best suited for children ages three to eight.

“This is a beautiful story! A mother wren's love allows her child to develop self-confidence and overcome fears. There are subtle lessons of kindness, sharing, empathy and diversity. The author's understanding of children is reflected in her prose. Children will pull this book off the shelf over and over again when asked to pick a favorite book.”


"Joy Smith writes with humor, telling tales and dishing out the truth!! I believe parents of brides and grooms and the happy couple themselves would benefit from reading this book!!"

"My oldest son, and 1st to get married! ....So I needed to be sure of expectations, traditions, ideas, etc.This book was up to date and covered all areas ....weddings traditional to destination! Now, my youngest, my daughter got engaged! This book will always be my guide...I would recommend it!"

"Knowledgeable, comprehensive, timely for current social times. a great resource!
Written by an educated professional. Supports me in my efforts to understand these times; how to support my son and his fiancee and forge a good relationship from the onset of their engagement."

"Not just another wedding planning guide, Oh, No, They're Engaged combines solid practical advice with a deep understanding of the emotional ups and downs you, as a parent, will experience while preparing for and participating in your child's wedding. Don't miss this one, Mom."